Environmental Policy

CIBC is committed to responsible conduct in all of our activities to:

  • Protect and conserve the environment
  • Safeguard the interests of CIBC's stakeholders from unacceptable levels of environmental risk
  • Support the principles of sustainable development

We integrate these practices into our core business activities through the principles of our Corporate Environmental Policy (PDF, 95 KB) Opens a new window in your browser. in the areas of: stakeholder engagement, communication and reporting, compliance, procurement, facilities management, credit and investment risk management, products and services, and continuous improvement.

Policy implementation is the responsibility of the Environmental Risk Management group. This group engages with the bank's businesses and functional groups to facilitate policy and program implementation and best practices across the firm. This group also maintains an Environmental Management System that acts as the framework for the implementation of environmental policy requirements, including setting objectives and targets, monitoring progress, and striving for continuous improvement. In support of the CIBC Corporate Environmental Policy requirements, CIBC has developed further requirements within its Environmentally Responsible Procurement Standard and the Environmental and Social Credit Risk Management Standards and Procedures.

An Environmental Management Committee that includes senior-level executives from across the bank is in place to provide input on environmental strategy and oversight of CIBC's environmental initiatives. The committee is responsible for helping to facilitate the co-ordination and implementation of environmental performance priorities across the bank.

Environmental Strategy

  • CIBC maintains strong environmental standards; we recognize the importance of environmental issues and the role we can play towards sustainable development
  • CIBC understands our stakeholders are engaged and impacted by the critical issues related to the environment
  • We will engage all of our stakeholders to focus our efforts on initiatives where we can have a positive impact, and which are consistent with our client-focused strategy
  • Responsible Financing and Investing: CIBC will ensure that environmental issues and concerns are considered in all of our financing and investing activities
  • Green Products and Services: CIBC will provide innovative financial solutions with environmental attributes to our clients
  • Manage our Footprint: CIBC will maintain a focus on our environmental impact with the objective of reducing our footprint through continuous improvement
CIBC’s environmental strategy