Becoming a CIBC Supplier

CIBC provides business opportunities for suppliers who are positioned to meet the needs of CIBC, and are able to deliver:

  • The right goods and/or services
  • At the right time
  • At the right price
  • With continuous improvement

The need for goods and services is determined based on the specific requirements of CIBC's lines of business. Our approach to procurement is designed to meet the requirements for a vast range of goods and services in a variety of categories, such as:

Corporate Sourcing

  • Real Estate and Operations
  • Marketing and Travel
  • Human Resources and Professional Services

Technology Sourcing

  • Hardware and Telecommunications
  • Software and Services
  • Application Services


  • Business Process Outsourcing

If your company would like to be considered as a potential supplier to CIBC, please email your company and service information to

Please ensure your company's information package contains the following:

  • Legal company name and operating name
  • Years in business (including date of incorporation/registration of partnership or sole proprietorship)
  • Primary contact: full name, phone number and email address
  • Brief overview of the company
  • Brief overview of the product and/or service offering
  • Diverse supplier classifications (if applicable)
  • Social media sites: company website, relevant LinkedIN profiles, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Promotional brochure in electronic format

Please note that CIBC is not obligated to use your services. CIBC will only contact suitable potential suppliers when new sourcing activities are being considered.