Free chequing account for students

Pay no fees while you’re a post-secondary student

Learn more: CIBC Advantage for Students

A credit card with no income requirement

A credit card with customizable budget alerts to help you spend smart. Having a strong credit rating is important, start building one today so you can get the credit you need tomorrow.

Apply Now: for a CIBC Classic Visa Card for Students

Get help with your tuition costs with a line of credit of up to $40,000.

With flexible interest-only payments while you’re in school and for up to a year after graduation, you can focus on your education.

Learn more: CIBC Education Line of Credit

Borrow up to $275,000 for professional studies

The CIBC Professional Edge® Student Program can help you cover the cost of books, tuition and residency (depending on your field of study). You only pay interest while you’re in school and for up to 1 year after you graduate.

Learn more: CIBC Professional Edge Student Program

Tools and Advice

Family Finances Advice Centre

Learn more about planning for post-secondary education.

Student Budget Calculator

Prepare for the financial realities of being a post-secondary student.

Careers at CIBC

Let CIBC help you turn you potential into success.

Student Life Advice Centre

Learn about saving, budgeting and the importance of maintaining a high credit rating.


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