Green Building Design

CIBC's Corporate Real Estate group continues to integrate sustainable design criteria into new construction and renovations of our branches and offices, focusing on reducing our environmental impact while improving the comfort of our employees and clients.

Our strategy incorporates environment-related design criteria including:

Interior Lighting:

CIBC branches undergo lighting retrofits to more efficient technology.

Exterior Signage:

External branch signage lighting is converted to more efficient technology.

Climate Neutral, Cool Carpet Tile:

CIBC has been purchasing carbon neutral carpet tile for all CIBC projects since 2005. CIBC also recycles all carpet removed from our facilities.

Low-Emission Materials and Paint:

CIBC specifies low or no volatile organic compound (VOC) adhesives, sealants, materials and finishes for all construction projects.

Materials with Recycled Content:

All standard materials are chosen for their environmental properties and recycled content. This includes items such as fabrics, flooring and ceiling tiles.

Lighting Controls:

All construction projects include the installation of occupancy sensors or daylight sensors for lighting, except in high security areas.

Locally Manufactured Products:

CIBC has contracts and agreements with local suppliers for furniture, fixtures and building materials, where available.

Energy Star:

As a standard, CIBC purchases Energy Star rated equipment, computers, printers and appliances.

Energy-Efficient Mechanical & Electrical Systems:

CIBC specifies energy-efficient performance standards for all mechanical and electrical systems.

Energy-Efficient ATMs:

CIBC continues to upgrade our ATMs with models that are more energy-efficient.

Environmentally Friendly Cleaning Products:

CIBC has standardized the use of environmentally friendly cleaning products for janitorial contracts.

Reduced Water Consumption:

CIBC specifies low-flow plumbing fixtures and hands-free faucets when feasible.

"Right to Light":

CIBC maximizes natural light penetration into all of our new or renovated work spaces by using interior glazing in partitions and low panel heights.

Window Shades and Heat Gain:

CIBC uses window shades to reduce summer heat gain in our buildings, which reduces the cooling requirements.

Bike Racks:

CIBC has standardized the installation of bike racks for all new branch locations. In our rented premises, CIBC works with our landlords to help ensure all branches are equipped with bike racks for our clients and employees.

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