Whistleblower Program

CIBC is committed to doing what’s right for our clients, our communities and for one another.

If you have concerns about irregular business activities or wrongdoing that could put CIBC’s integrity or reputation at risk, or are reportable under applicable whistleblower legislation, you can notify CIBC by using the confidential and anonymous Whistleblower Program.

CIBC’s Whistleblower Program is available online and by phone and is facilitated by an independent, external third party supplier called ClearView Strategic Partners.

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What to report

Examples of what to report to the Whistleblower Program include:

  • Concerns related to accounting, internal accounting controls, financial reporting or auditing matters
  • Dishonesty by CIBC team members or other third parties with the intent to deceive or steal from CIBC, its team members, clients or shareholders. Examples include, theft of assets, bribery, kickbacks and theft of information
  • Activity that may be an indication of fraud — for example, abnormal patterns of employee behaviour, intentionally disregarding controls and suspicious lending patterns
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information about CIBC, its clients or suppliers
  • Actual or potential retaliation as a result of reporting a concern, or for assisting in an investigation

What not to report

Do not use the Whistleblower Program for assistance with other types of concerns that are not listed above. Refer to your people leader, the CIBC Code of Conduct (and other relevant CIBC policies) or CIBC’s Contact Us page to identify the most appropriate contact instead.

How to report

Always consider first having a confidential discussion about any irregular business activity or wrongdoing with your people leader.

If you have already tried this approach, or do not feel comfortable speaking with your people leader, consider reaching out to their people leader.

You can use the following methods to access the CIBC Whistleblower Program:


Toll-free number




1-416-443-7808 (call collect)









Cayman Islands

1-416-443-7808 (call collect)

United Kingdom


Hong Kong












All other countries

1-416-443-7808 (call collect)

  • Mail — contact the Chief Executive Officer, any member of the Executive Committee, or any member of the board by writing to the Corporate Secretary (81 Bay Street, CIBC Square, 20th Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5J 0E7). Be sure to mark the envelope "Private and Confidential – Complaint" and note who the letter is addressed to.

You may also choose to report to applicable regulators, governmental agencies, law enforcement agencies, or self-regulatory authorities in your jurisdiction. In Canada, this includes the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada and the Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions.

In all cases:

  • Include a clear description of the suspected wrongdoing and relevant details (name(s), date(s), time(s), location(s) etc.
  • Do not submit information that you know to be false, embellished or vexatious 
  • Check back on the status of your report on the ClearView system as we may require additional information from you

Protection from retaliation

No one may suspend, discharge, discriminate against, harass, threaten, or otherwise retaliate against a team member or other person in any way for reporting an actual or possible misconduct in good faith, or as a result of providing information or participating in an investigation.