Learning and Development

At CIBC, we’re dedicated to the development and recognition of our employees. We invest in our talent through professional development programs and ongoing educational opportunities. We also ensure our employees are rewarded for their outstanding achievements.

Your manager will help you understand the accountabilities of your current job as well as where to access additional development resources within CIBC. Development planning, focused on both the short and long term, will help you build your career with CIBC.

We also work towards the continuous education and personal growth of our employees through a wide range of educational programs.

Global Tuition Assistance

Designed to help employees advance their careers through CIBC job-related education, CIBC’s Global Tuition Assistance program is available to permanent employees (with some exceptions) who have completed six months of continuous service.

Corporate Training and Development

The mandate of Corporate Training and Development is to enable the achievement of CIBC’s strategic objectives and business priorities by developing employee skills and capabilities through corporate-wide, division specific training and development programs that address current and future needs — providing a consistent employee experience.

Corporate-wide Training and Development Programs:

  • People Management
  • On-Boarding
  • Corporate Mandatory Training
  • Core Capabilities