History. Heritage. Heart. CIBC has come a long way. Check out our timeline.

Banking at the top

CIBC introduces Canada’s first ski-thru ATM at the top of Whistler Mountain at Whistler Blackcomb Ski Resort in British Columbia.

first to launch

CIBC is the first bank in Canada to offer all three mobile wallets — Apple, Android, and Samsung Pay —, making it easy to pay for purchases with a wave of your smartphone.

Awards and recognition

With consecutive top ranking in online and mobile banking functionality, an award-winning app and recognition as Best Innovation in Retail Banking in Canada, CIBC Digital continues to build the future of banking.

  • 2016

    “CIBC Hello Home” launches as a first-of-its kind app that allows Canadians to apply for a mortgage with a tap on their smartphone.

  • 2015

    CIBC is the first Canadian bank to launch a mobile banking Apple Watch™ App, giving Canadians another option to bank whenever, wherever, and however they want.

  • 2014

    CIBC’s innovative Tim Hortons® Double Double® Visa Card wins an IVIE Award for Canadian Payments Benefiting Consumers.

  • 2013

    CIBC introduces eDeposits to Canada, making it easy to deposit a cheque by taking a picture with a smartphone.

  • 2012

    CIBC partners with Rogers Communications to introduce mobile payments to Canada so clients can use a smartphone to pay for purchases.

  • 2010

    Mobile banking? CIBC was first! CIBC becomes the first bank in Canada to release a banking app for the iPhone.

  • 1992

    CIBC is the first bank to offer automated telephone banking service across Canada.

  • 1984

    CIBC is the first Canadian bank to offer flexible mortgages, giving clients the choice of paying monthly or semi-monthly, weekly or biweekly.

  • 1983

    Computers-first! CIBC becomes the first Canadian Bank to adopt the personal computer for use by tellers.

  • 1970

    A flying bank! CIBC introduces the first flying Banking Centre in North America. Providing banking services to remote northern communities, the DC3 left Yellowknife once a month, covering more than 2,500 kilometres over 5 stops.

  • 1969

    CIBC is the first Canadian bank to introduce a 24-hour cash dispenser. Activated with a key, plastic card and personal identification number, clients could withdraw only $30 at a time, which came prepackaged in a plastic envelope.

  • 1964

    CIBC launches a floating branch, complete with teller window, on the St. Lawrence River in Quebec.

  • 1958

    CIBC opens a branch in Inuvik more than 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle, making it the northernmost bank branch in North America.

  • 1954

    CIBC unveils a drive-in branch in Toronto.

  • 1950

    CIBC rolls out mobile banking with a trailer that has Mobile Unit #1 painted on the side.

  • 1936

    CIBC becomes the first Canadian bank to establish a personal loans department.

  • 1905

    CIBC built 70 prefabricated and pre-painted branches between 1905 and 1911 in Western Canada.

  • 1867

    Come in, we’re open! CIBC opens for business on May 15, 1867.