Eligibility Guidelines

Please note that our charities' work must fall under all of the following criteria to qualify:

  • Registered charities in the UK and Europe that are well administered with a record of achievement or potential for success in line with our overall goals
  • Registered charities in the UK and Europe with an annual income of less than £5 million
  • Projects or programs that provide a tangible benefit to European children and their communities, which may also have potential for CIBC to donate time and resources in a non-financial capacity

The following categories of requests typically wouldn’t be considered for funding by the CIBC Children’s Foundation:

  • Donations to individuals and political or advocacy groups; private schools and groups that limit their activities to benefiting persons of a designated ethnic or religious affiliation
  • Endowments, funds given permanently to a foundation so it may produce its own income for grant-making purposes
  • Multi-year projects or commitments
  • A charity that’s been chosen as an annual charity twice in any 5-year period

Selection Process

The CIBC Children's Foundation in Europe is now working with charity partners for a 2-year cycle and therefore won’t be accepting any funding requests until January 2021.

Charities that fall within the eligibility guidelines are invited to apply via email.

All applicants need to read the Eligibility Guidelines, complete the Charity Application Form (XLS, 14 KB)  and send their application form to ukchildrensmiracle@cibc.co.ukOpens your email app.. There are no other documentation requirements to make an application. All applications need to be made by email.

All applicants must strictly comply with the instructions, including the choices found in the drop-down boxes. Otherwise, the CIBC Children’s Foundation reserves the right to reject any non-compliant application.