Officers of the 35th Battery (Sherbrooke, Quebec)

Officers of the 35th Battery (Sherbrooke, Quebec)

To honour staff that served in World War II, The Canadian Bank of Commerce published War Service Records, 1939 - 1945: An Account of the War Service of Members of the Staff during the Second World War in 1947.

As explained in the introduction:

this book is intended to epitomize the war activities of a special group of people, who received in this institution, in greater or less degree, a common training in banking practice, and who shared during the Second World War the common experiences of the service man and service woman. The Bank's purpose in publishing this record is to pay tribute to the men and women who enlisted from the staff, and to give honour to whom honour is due.

War Service Records included not only individual biographies, but also explained how banking life changed during the war years. The Commerce offered banking services to growing military bases and munitions factories and, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, West Coast branches were advised to take precautions to preserve bank records in case of bombardment or invasion.

CIBC is proud to share the stories of employees that served in World War II.

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