Common Share Description

An unlimited number of common shares without nominal or par value.

937,223,345 shares as of January 31, 2024

Toronto and New York under ticker symbol, "CM"

CUSIP # 136069-10-1

Restrictions on ownership
Under the Bank Act (Canada), no person or group of associated persons may own more than 10% of any class of bank shares. Canadian or foreign governments are prohibited from owning any bank shares.

Restrictions on the payment of dividends
CIBC is prohibited by the Bank Act (Canada) from declaring any dividends on its preferred or common shares when CIBC is, or would be placed by such declaration, in contravention of the capital adequacy and liquidity regulations or any regulatory directives issued under the Act. In addition, the ability to pay common share dividends is restricted by the terms of the outstanding preferred shares whereby CIBC may not pay dividends on its common shares at any time unless all dividends to which preferred shareholders are then entitled have been declared and paid or set apart for payment.

Voting rights
Holders of CIBC common shares are entitled to one vote for each common share held. This voting privilege applies to all shareholder meetings, except meetings at which only holders of a specified class or series of preferred shares are entitled to vote.

Stock splits
May 13, 2022
Two for one (by way of a 100% stock dividend)

March 27, 1997
Two for one

January 31, 1986
Two for one

August 9, 1967
Five for one

Latest public offering
January 14, 2008
23,904,380 shares issued by private placements at $65.26
21,441,750 shares issued by public offering at $67.05

Valuation day price
For capital gains purposes, common shares closed at $6.4375 per share on Valuation Day, December 22, 1971, after adjusting for a two-for-one stock split on January 31, 1986 and a two-for-one stock split by way of a 100% stock dividend on March 27, 1997.

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