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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the CIBC Children's Foundation?

The CIBC Children's Foundation is based on the belief that by working with the clients and employees of CIBC, we can help children in need. Since its inception in Canada in 1984, the CIBC Children's Foundation has provided donations of more than £150 million to hundreds of children's charities.

How does the Foundation raise funds?

We fund raise throughout the year, in particular on Miracle Day, amongst CIBC London's staff, clients and friends.

What is Miracle Day?

The CIBC's Miracle Day is a one-day fundraising event in which CIBC Capital Markets donates fees and commissions to a variety of charitable organizations helping children.

When is the CIBC's Miracle Day?

Miracle Day happens on the first Wednesday of each December during market trading hours around the globe.

How much does the CIBC's Miracle Day raise?

Since its inception in 1984, Miracle Day has donated nearly £150 million to children's charities. CIBC Capital Market's European Operation has donated more than £5.2 million since it became involved in 1994.

How did CIBC's Miracle Day begin?

The late Timothy Miller, a Wood Gundy manager in Canada, conceived Miracle Day in 1984. The original event was called Miracle on 42nd Street, and its goal was to raise money for children's charities during the Christmas season. The first Miracle Day raised more than £60,000 and since then Miracle Day has become an important tradition for CIBC.

How are the employees of CIBC Capital Markets involved?

Throughout the year staff run thousands of miles, lose kilos in weight, or expend a great deal of energy organizing events. Working closely with the charities is a very rewarding experience and many staff form lasting relationships with a charity, often becoming lifelong supporters. So, although we call it Miracle Day, the miracles continue throughout the year.

How are the clients of CIBC Capital Markets involved?

Money could not be raised without the continued support and huge generosity of clients. They are always highly supportive of the campaign, not only by trading with CIBC on Miracle Day, but also through attending Miracle fundraising events.

Which children's charities receive funds from the CIBC's Miracle Day in Europe?

UK/European registered charities that are well administered, with a record of achievement or potential for success in line with our overall objectives. In addition to projects or programs that provide a tangible benefit to European children and the communities where they live.

How can my charity apply for funds from the CIBC Children's Foundation in Europe?

In Europe, the Miracle Day Campaign begins early in the year when we start accepting requests from charities wishing to be considered for donations from the upcoming year's fundraising efforts.

Which charities have you supported in the past?

Details on previously supported charities can be found in Previously Supported Charities.