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CIBC Children's Foundation
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CIBC Children's Foundation - Europe

The CIBC Children's Foundation was established in 1984 to raise funds for children's charities around the world. Since inception, £150 million has been raised to improve the quality of life of thousands of children affected by disability, illness, social deprivation or life-limiting conditions.

The majority of fundraising takes place on CIBC Miracle Day, which takes place annually on the first Wednesday in December. On this day, participating CIBC Capital Markets employees donate their fees and commissions to the CIBC Children's Foundation.

In London, funds are also raised through a number of staff and client fundraising events held throughout the year. This ensures Miracle Day has become an integral part of our business. CIBC's Capital Marketsí European operation has donated more than £5.2 million to numerous children's charities across the United Kingdom and Europe since it became involved in 1994. In July 2004, the CIBC Children's Foundation became a registered charity in England and Wales, having also Dutch charitable (‘anbi’) status since April 1, 2012.

Registered Charity Number in the United Kingdom: 1105094
Tax Number in The Netherlands: 8237.70.412

Objectives in Europe:

  • To raise the quality of life for children in the communities served by CIBC
  • To demonstrate our dedication in helping to prepare children for future success
  • To encourage volunteerism and foster community involvement on the part of our employees

Achievements in Europe:

  • Donated more than £5.2 million to 66 charities across the UK and Europe, positively affecting the lives of thousands of children and their families
  • Created a forum for volunteering for the staff of CIBC Capital Markets
  • Worked closely with our charities, providing advice, at no cost, in areas such as: health and safety, risk assessment, strategy assessments, and marketing and fundraising planning
  • Provided networking opportunities for our charities through client events such as our annual golf day and Miracle Day.
  • Promoted a culture of information and resource sharing between our charities, encouraging collaborations where appropriate
  • Provided gratis meeting room and event hosting at our London offices
  • Recognized those charities that have demonstrated realistic strategies, excellence in service and professionalism by providing financial support over a number of years
  • Created a partnership approach to corporate giving that our clients and suppliers have enjoyed being fully involved in, both professionally and personally
  • Commenced Miracle Day fundraising in 1994 and gained registered Charitable status (England and Wales) in July 2004
  • Accountable to the Charity Commission (England and Wales)
  • Activities governed by our Deed of Trust
  • Fully audited accounts produced annually
CIBC Children's Foundation