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CIBC RRSP GIC (Redeemable)

With the CIBC RRSP GIC (Redeemable), you deposit money with us for 9 months to 3 years, at guaranteed interest rates. Your original investment amount is always guaranteed in full - even if you withdraw prior to maturity.

Purchasea CIBC RRSP GIC (Redeemable)
  • Withdraw funds at any time
  • Early redemption rates available
  • Minimum investment of $500

About the CIBC RRSP GIC (Redeemable)

With the CIBC RRSP GIC (Redeemable), you deposit money with us for a period of 9 months to 3 years, and earn a guaranteed interest rate. At the end of the term we return the full amount of your deposit plus interest - guaranteed. If you need your money back sooner, you can withdraw your funds any time, at specified early redemption rates.

Is it for you?

The CIBC RRSP GIC (Redeemable) could be for you if:

  • You want a secure RRSP investment
  • You are setting registered funds aside to meet your future retirement goals
  • You want the option to withdraw your funds at any time

Useful Information

Term Rate
9 - 10 months %
11 - 13 months %
14 - 17 months %
18 - 22 months %
23 - 29 months %
30 - 34 months %
35 - 36 months %
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Access to funds

  • You can withdraw some or all of the funds on any business day prior to maturity at specified early redemption rates


  • For terms of one year and less, simple interest is paid at maturity
  • For terms over 1 year, interest is compounded annually and paid at maturity


  • There are no fees unless you transfer all or part of your RRSP funds to another financial institution, in which case a $100 fee will apply