Global Opportunities

Wholesale Banking at CIBC employs people in Canada, Europe, the United States and Asia Pacific region. Below are some highlights of our operations across the world.

Wholesale Banking at CIBC

We are the investment and merchant bank for companies in need of financial and intellectual capital. Backed by the financial resources of CIBC, we combine the global expertise of a bulge bracket firm with the in-depth focus of an investment boutique. For our clients, this results in a single source of advice, strategies and growth capital, delivered with an unusually high degree of personalization.


We are a recognized source of capital and expert advice throughout the U.S., with stellar rankings in collateralized bond obligations, research, all aspects of leveraged finance, and mergers and acquisitions. CIBC’s organizational structure and culture emphasizes teamwork and initiative, and encourages our talented professionals to get the job done - no matter where they are situated in the organization.

CIBC Europe

We work hard to be an employer of choice in Europe, providing challenging careers in a supportive culture. Extending every opportunity to maximize career growth and future possibilities, the aim of CIBC Europe is to invest in people who want to reach their full potential. We spend millions each year on professional development programs that enhance skills, including relationship building and leadership.


CIBC has been in Asia Pacific for over 25 years, with offices in Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore and a representative office in Beijing, China. There are over 200 employees in the region, with a main business focus on Origination and Private Wealth Management. Asia Pacific is an excellent source of corporate and individual clients for CIBC. Our presence in the region continues to be a success and CIBC is well positioned to be a significant player in Asia for years to come.

How to Apply

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