Telephone Services

You can access a full range of banking services using CIBC Telephone Banking. There is an automated service available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and customer service agents available to assist you during business hours. Call us at 1-800-465-2422 for more information or to access available banking services.

TTY (Teletype Devices)

CIBC provides a dedicated phone line to provide deaf and hard of hearing customers with a secure method of contacting us over the phone. TTY (Teletype Device for deaf and hard of hearing) customers can call 1-800-465-7401 to access banking functions and any general information about CIBC.

For questions about your CIBC credit card, the TTY number is 1-877-331-3338.

Bell Relay Call

A Bell Relay call is a call you make to a third party who will assist you with your CIBC Telephone Banking transactions or information requests. All information is kept confidential with the operator.

For more information about the Bell Relay service, call 1-800-331-9948 (phone) or 1-800-771-6179 (TTY).

CIBC Telephone Banking

  • Full service banking options available by phone. Select a number for the available service:
  • English 1-800-465-2422
  • French 1-888-337-2422
  • TTY 1-800-465-7401
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Quick Reference Guide

Download our Quick Reference Guide (PDF, 40 KB) to assist you with common CIBC Telephone Banking transactions