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To ensure that our website is accessible to all of our customers, CIBC follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) provided by the W3C (the primary governing body of the internet).

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Browser compatibility

You can view the CIBC website using a variety of browsers for MS Windows and MacOS.

Accessibility features

CIBC web pages include the following accessibility features:

  • Keyboard shortcut options for navigation without a mouse
  • Quick access links to skip to main page content and to main navigation
  • Navigation by headings
  • Ability to change text size
  • Ability to change contrast

Assistive technology

CIBC supports screen readers such as JAWS for visually impaired users of our site. If you are using older software, we suggest you upgrade to the latest version to ensure compatibility with the features on our site.

If you have installed Rapport software, please note that it is currently not compatible with screen readers.