Calendar page showing November 6.

Starting November 6, you will not be able to sign on if you have not set up your account to receive one-time verification codes.

A new standard in online security

Setup is easy

Step one.
A computer monitor displays enter phone number above a field with the phone number 123-456-7890 entered. Below are call and text buttons. The cursor hovers over text.

Add your contact information 

Opens a new window in your browser.


Step 2.
A computer monitor displays enter verification code above the 6-digit verification code field with 567890 entered. The cursor hovers over the submit button. A mobile device is to the side of the monitor with a text message that reads your code 567890

Enter your verification code

How does it work?  

Reset your password.
Sign on from a different location.
Change your Security Contact Information.

Whenever you receive a prompt for a verification code, follow these steps: 

Step 1.

Choose your preferred contact method

Step 2.

Enter the verification code within 10 minutes of receiving it