Real Estate Financing

CIBC Real Estate offers a range of options for your company whether you are involved in residential and commercial land development, construction of industrial, commercial and residential projects, or simply wish to maximize the value of your corporate real estate assets.

As one of Canada's leading real estate lenders, CIBC offers your company a full array of financial services. With offices across Canada, our team is comprised of experienced real estate professionals with expertise across a variety of asset classes ranging from residential and commercial land development to construction of industrial, commercial, office, retail, residential and multi-unit residential projects.

In addition to working with real estate companies, CIBC is experienced in working with non-real estate companies that have significant real estate assets. Corporate real estate can represent a significant portion of your company's balance sheet, eventhough managing these assets may not be your core business. CIBC's experience as a leading financial partner enables us to provide creative solutions to help your company extract maximum value from its real estate assets throughout its entire life cycle.

CIBC can help with your company's real estate financing needs if:

  • your company requires financing for new development, merger or acquisition, restructuring, and/or private placement.
  • your company currently owns or leases its facilities.
  • your company has specialized facilities and/or location requirements.
  • your current facility/structure cannot accommodate future growth.

Key benefits

  • market advisory designed to help you consider your real estate options, such as where or whether to buy, hold, sell or build
  • development advisory on options for developing/constructing your facilities
  • access to a team of experienced real estate and corporate finance professionals
  • financing that meets your financial needs and helps you take advantage of favourable market conditions and opportunities

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