Payables Management

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With CIBC payment solutions, you can pay suppliers or employees on time, in Canadian or U.S. dollars, anywhere in Canada, quickly, easily and with confidence. CIBC payment solutions offer a range of benefits that can help your business succeed. Let us help you manage your payables in a way that is right for your business.

Gain better control of your cash flow

Save time and money

Offer convenience to your employees and suppliers 

Improve fraud detection and corporate control

CIBC Electronic Funds Transfer - Direct Deposit

Issue timely electronic Canadian and U.S. dollar payments to employees or suppliers anywhere in Canada, quickly, easily and with confidence.

CIBC Automated Clearing House U.S. Dollar Cross-Border Payment Service for Payables

An easy and cost-effective way to make payments to employees’ or suppliers’ accounts at any qualifying financial institution in the United States. Know exactly when your funds will be transferred and ease concerns about fraudulent, lost or misdirected cheques.

CIBC Pay Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

An easy way to make your Accounts Payable process more efficient. Pay EDI can be used to make EDI-formatted payments to your suppliers in Canada. Simply send us one file that indicates the type of payment you wish to make, and we will provide remittance details to your suppliers, using Message Authentication (MACing) and encryption, in the format you have requested. 

CIBC Corporate Clearing

A cost-effective, reliable cheque clearing service for processing high volumes of cheques. Use your own in-house systems to closely manage the daily processing and reporting of paid cheques.

CIBC Positive Pay

An automated cheque-matching process that compares daily paid items against your issued cheques to help you quickly identify fraud. Mismatched items are reported as suspect for pay/no pay decisions. 

CIBC Government Payment and Filing Service

A faster, easier way to file information and pay government taxes online. CIBC's Government Payment and Filing Service provides a quick and simple way to remit payments to participating federal and provincial government agencies and gives you more control over your cash flow. View a complete listing of available provincial and federal recipientsOpens a new window in your browser.

CIBC Wire Payments

A reliable way to send time-sensitive payments to recipients within Canada and globally, in any major currency.

CIBC Integrated Payments

Simplify your business operations by combining your payment types into one file. With CIBC Integrated Payments, give payment instructions and receive centralized automated reports that provide a closer look into your finances at a file and payment level. Reduce the number of payment files needed for day-to-day payments, lowering your costs and making payment processing easier to understand. 

Credit Cards

Based on the needs of your company, choose from a wide selection of credit card solutions, from travel rewards to employee purchase controls to enhanced expense management.

Learn moreabout credit cards.

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