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TM Trademark of CIBC or its subsidiaries.

Trademarks of other companies

The following marks are trademarks of other companies, which trademarks CIBC is licensed to use in advertising selected products and services:

  • INTERAC is a Registered Trademark of Interac Inc. CIBC authorized user of the Trademark;
  • INTERAC e-Transfer is a trademark of Interac Inc.; CIBC authorized user of mark.
  • AEROGOLD, AEROPLAN, AEROCORPORATE, and AEROMORTGAGE are registered trademarks of Aimia Canada Inc.
  • AIR CANADA VACATIONS is a registered trademark of Air Canada
  • BIGCHARTS is a trademark of Bigcharts Inc.
  • WEBDOX is a trademark of e-route inc.
  • Global PaymentsTM - Global Payments logo is a trade-mark of Global Payments Inc. The following are trademarks of Global PaymentsTM: Merchant's EDGE, Début, POS Performer, Prompter, Smartbase.
  • MasterCard - Trademark of MasterCard International Inc.
  • PayWay - Trademark of Nobil Information Technology Corp.
  • American Express - Trademark of American Express Company
  • National Bank of Canada - Registered trademark of National Bank of Canada
  • enRoute - Trademark of Air Canada
  • Nobil - Trademark of Nobil Information Technology Corporation, and used under license by Nobil Canada Ltd.
  • IBM - Registered trademark of IBM
    IBM HomePage Creator (HPC) - Trademark of IBM
  • CardAssist is a registered trademark of Carlson Marketing Group Canada Ltd.
  • ADVANTEX is a Registered Trademark of Advantex Marketing International Inc.
  • Visa, Visa Infinite, the Visa design and the PLUS design are trademarks of Visa International. CIBC lic. user
  • Driver's Edge is a registered trademark of Citigroup Inc. CIBC is a licensed user thereof.

"S&P" is a trademark of The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc. "TSX" is a trademark of TSX Inc. These marks have been licensed for use by CIBC.

Nikkei 225 Index: The patent rights relating to Nikkei 225 and all intellectual property rights and other rights relating to the indications of Nikkei and Nikkei 225 belong to Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei). Nikkei retains the rights to change the content of or suspend the publication of the Nikkei 225.

These names, logos, designs, titles and words are trademarks and trade names of entities other than CIBC which may be registered in certain jurisdictions:

  • VeriSign
  • Netscape
  • Microsoft
  • PVS