Who we are

Founded in 1990, CIBC Mid-Market Investment Banking is one of Canada’s leading mergers and acquisitions advisory firms. Our team provides advisory and capital-raising services to private companies valued over $10 million. Through over 30 years and hundreds of closed transactions, our mission has always been to deliver superior outcomes and provide our clients with the highest caliber of senior-level expertise.

Business owners and management work with us because we offer:

A dedicated focus on mid-market companies and a proven track record
Access to CIBC’s global resources and industry expertise
Extensive access to corporate and financial buyers
Significant cross-border and international experience
Capital structuring expertise

Unparalleled service, advice and execution while acting with integrity

Our Services

We have a substantial track record of success in helping owners buy, grow and ultimately sell their businesses. Our goal is always to maximize value for our clients. We advise business owners and management teams on the preparation and execution of transactions, including divestitures, acquisitions, management buyouts and raising capital.


Every divestiture is unique. As a business owner, you may consider transitioning ownership of your company to a third party, or you might have been approached by a potential strategic or private equity buyer. When planning a sale process strategy, it’s important to understand and address the specific needs of your shareholders.

  • Achieving the highest possible selling price
  • Attracting the right buyers on a local and global scale
  • Obtaining the best available terms and conditions
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to the ongoing business

We’ll work with you to develop a strategic understanding of your business and shareholders’ needs when going through a controlled, competitive sale process, and provide tactical and strategic advice every step of the way. Our role includes providing an analysis to determine the market value of your business, creating marketing materials, identifying and qualifying industry financial buyers, positioning the story, soliciting interest from potential buyers, negotiating key deal documentation, and facilitating due diligence, legal and other aspects of the transaction toward a successful completion. 


An acquisition may be the right strategy for your company if you’re seeking to

  • consolidate a fragmented market and achieve economies of scale; or
  • grow your business with new products, technology, markets or geographic reach.

  • Identifying, profiling and approaching potential acquisition targets to determine interest level
  • Conducting market and financial analysis to understand the potential target value and its impact on our clients’ financial performance
  • Leading or assisting negotiations around structure, terms and pricing of the acquisition
  • Securing the necessary financing for the transaction based on the optimal funding structure
  • Facilitating the due diligence process through to completion of the acquisition

Management buyouts

If you’re looking to seize an opportunity to buy out or acquire the company you manage, we can streamline this process, while being mindful of the sensitivities involved in management buyouts.

  • Working on behalf of management to assist you through the process to evaluate the business
  • Negotiating the price and structure of the transaction
  • Determining the appropriate capital structure and raise the required financing 
  • Finding the best possible partner for equity financing with the help of our extensive network of equity investors across North America
  • Carrying out the transaction discreetly and confidentially
  • Ensuring the change in ownership is less likely to be disruptive to employees and customer relationships
  • Closing in a shorter timeframe, as due diligence will be limited to the requirements of the finance providers

Raising capital

We can raise growth equity for high-growth companies or capital to fund an acquisition, shareholder distribution or significant expansion project.

  • Undertaking a detailed financial analysis of your objectives and growth opportunities
  • Determining the optimal funding structure while balancing the blended cost of funds with the acceptable levels of risk for sufficient flexibility
  • Identifying and evaluating potential investors and their investment criteria
  • Creating a marketing plan that will position your company as an attractive investment opportunity in  a competitive bidding environment of prospective investors
  • Securing the best possible terms
  • Arranging for the due diligence, legal and other aspects of the transaction
  • Providing you direct access to key decision makers across a wide spectrum of investors globally who can provide unique insights into investors’ “playbooks,” investment committee approval processes, and valuation parameters

Market insights

As market leaders and active participants in the Canadian mergers and acquisitions market, our team can provide valuable insight into market trends.

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We have a team of seasoned professionals with offices in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary and Edmonton and provide services across all regions of Canada.