CIBC Pay Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

An easy way to make your Accounts Payable process more efficient

Pay EDI can be used to make EDI-formatted payments to your suppliers in Canada. Simply send CIBC one file that indicates the type of payment you wish to make and CIBC will provide remittance details to your suppliers in the format you have requested. 

Make your Accounts Payable process more efficient

  • You don't need to send supporting information in the mail because Pay EDI provides the payment with detailed remittance information to your suppliers
  • You can send instructions for simple EFT payments and more complex EDI payments 

Gain better control of your cash flow

  • Time your payments to the due date for accurate cash flow forecasting
  • Take advantage of supplier discounts while reducing your handling costs for payment processing - your file can include payments with multiple due dates
  • Never miss a payment by future-dating your payments 45 calendar days in advance of the payment due date
  • Funds will be withdrawn from your bank account on the date or dates you specify

Offer convenience and security to your suppliers

  • Your suppliers will receive their money on time, every time
  • No need for your suppliers to prepare deposits and visit the bank or banking machine
  • CIBC offers two levels of security: 
    • Message Authentication (MACing) to validate that the message has not been changed while in transit
    • Encryption to scramble the data during communications

Control your banking needs

CIBC Cash Management Solutions can help you take better control of your banking needs — giving you more time to focus on what matters to your business. 

  • Talk to your CIBC Representative for details or call our Business Contact Centre at 1-888-947-7736

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