As a business owner, the outright sale of your company to a third party may be considered at some point if you are faced with one or more of the following issues:

  • You wish to retire and unlock the value in your business
  • You have received an unsolicited, but nevertheless attractive, offer for your business
  • You wish to transition the business to a younger management team or to your next generation of family members
  • You have a business unit which no longer fits within company strategy and/or has become non-core

Every divestiture is unique. When planning the sale of a business, the specific needs of your shareholders must be understood and addressed. Some of the objectives you will likely need to meet include:

  • Achieving the highest possible selling price
  • Obtaining the best available terms and conditions
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Ensuring minimal disruption to the ongoing business

We welcome the opportunity to meet with business owners and shareholders who are considering an exit strategy or succession plan, no matter how early it may be in the thought process. We are relationship driven, and committed to the right strategy for each of our diverse clients.

A controlled, competitive sale process is typical, and your CIBC Mid-Market Investment Banking advisor may incorporate some or all of the following steps as needed:

  • Develop a thorough and strategic understanding of the business and the shareholders' needs
  • Undertake an analysis to provide views on market value of the business
  • Identify and qualify both industry buyers and private equity buyers in North America and around the world
  • Prepare marketing materials to accurately communicate the nature of the business and position it as an attractive acquisition opportunity
  • Determine the most appropriate sale process (including rating the benefits of a discreet approach to one or two parties or a wider, controlled auction)
  • Approach an agreed upon list of buyers with marketing materials and determine level of interest
  • Manage confidentiality with non-disclosure agreements and limited access to the company
  • Answer buyers' questions, seek offers, narrow the selection of interested parties
  • Provide these selected parties the opportunity to learn more about the company and have access to further information
  • Receive final bids, and negotiate and structure the transaction with a chosen buyer
  • Provide tactical advice throughout the process
  • Coordinate due diligence, legal and other aspects of the transaction towards a successful completion

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