Acquisitions and Management Buyouts


Continued growth is key for successful businesses. An acquisition may be the right strategy for your company if:

  • You are seeking to consolidate a fragmented market and achieve economies of scale
  • You are looking to expand your business with new products, technology, markets or geographic reach

We have a strong track record of successful acquisitions. Our work may incorporate any of the following steps:

  • Identify potential acquisition targets and approach them on your behalf to determine their interest
  • Conduct market and financial analysis to determine the potential value of the target
  • Assess the impact of the target on your financial performance
  • Advise on tactics during the process, and on the structure, terms and pricing of the acquisition
  • Lead or assist negotiations with the target and their advisors
  • Determine the optimal funding structure to finance the transaction
  • Secure the necessary debt and/or equity financing
  • Arrange for the due diligence, legal and other aspects of the transaction to be completed successfully

Management Buyouts

If senior management has the opportunity to acquire the company or subsidiary they currently run, the existing owner or parent company may be willing to sell the business to the management team under certain circumstances, including:

  • The transaction would be discreet and confidential
  • Current management understands the values and culture of the company and the change in ownership is less likely to be disruptive to employees and customer relationships
  • Does not involve disclosing confidential information to competitors that a wider sale of the business would entail
  • May close in a shorter timeframe, as due diligence will be limited to the requirements of the finance providers

We recognize the sensitivity of transactions involving management buyouts. We work on behalf of management to assist throughout the process, evaluate the business, negotiate the price and structure of the transaction, determine the appropriate capital structure and raise the required finance.

Given that management-led buyouts may require equity financing, our extensive relationships with private equity groups across North America enable us to find the best possible partner on the right terms for you.

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