Cash Management Services

CIBC offers a full range of receivables, payables and treasury management services to meet your complex cash management needs. Payments received from your customers and made to your suppliers are efficiently processed to optimize your cash flow position and to ensure the effective management of your business' operating and investment funds.

CIBC Cash Management Online 

CIBC Cash Management Online (CMO) delivers secure, 24/7 access to a comprehensive suite of online cash management products and services in a scalable, user-friendly and fully supported online tool.

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CIBC Mobile Business 

With CIBC Mobile Business, you can securely and efficiently manage your cash flow while on the go.

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CIBC SWIFT Corporate Access 

CIBC SWIFT Corporate Access is a single, standardized gateway that enables you to manage your company's cashflow securely and efficiently through SWIFT's multi-bank connectivity.

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Payables Management

CIBC Electronic Funds Transfer - Direct Deposit

An easy and cost-effective way to pay groups of employees, suppliers or investors anywhere in Canada.

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CIBC Automated Clearing House U.S. Dollar Cross-Border Payment Service for Payables

A fast and simple way to issue U.S. dollar payments to accounts at financial institutions in the United States.

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CIBC Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Payment Originator Services make your accounts payable process more efficient.

Pay EDI provides you with the facility to submit EDI-formatted payment instructions to CIBC. The service also allows you to provide complete remittance details to your suppliers in a format suited to their needs.

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CIBC Corporate Clearing

A cost-effective, reliable cheque clearing service for high volume cheque issuers that enables you to use in-house systems to closely manage the daily processing and reporting of paid cheques.

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CIBC Positive Pay

An automated cheque matching service that assists in the timely identification of cheque fraud through the daily comparison of presented cheques to a list of issued cheques.

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CIBC Government Payment and Filing Service

A faster, easier way to file information and pay government taxes online.

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CIBC Wire Payments

A secure and reliable way to send time-sensitive payments in any major currency to beneficiaries around the globe.

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Receivables Management

CIBC Electronic Funds Transfer - Pre-Authorized Payments

A predictable and cost-effective way to collect Canadian and U.S. dollar payments from your customers' accounts anywhere in Canada while avoiding the costs associated with receiving cheques and preparing bank deposits.

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CIBC Automated Clearing House U.S. Dollar Cross-Border Payment Service for Receivables

A predictable and cost-effective way to collect payments from your customers' accounts anywhere in the United States while avoiding the costs associated with receiving cheques and preparing bank deposits.

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CIBC EDI Payment Receiver

The EDI Payment Receiver Service allows you to receive payments and accompanying remittance information from your clients who may prefer to use an Electronic Data Interchange format.

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CIBC eDeposit™

CIBC eDeposit™ business solutions help you save time and improve cash flow by allowing you to securely deposit your cheques and cash into your account from the convenience of your office, store, or remote business location.

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CIBC Rapidtrans®

A convenient way to consolidate funds overnight and better manage cash flow.

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CIBC Lockbox

A convenient and reliable solution that eliminates in-house cheque and invoice processing for payments you receive from your clients.

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CIBC Deposit Acceleration

An easier way to track and consolidate deposits for faster access to funds.

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CIBC Corporate Credit Processing

Deliver large volumes of cheques directly to CIBC Processing Centres.

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CIBC Acceptance of Payments of Account

Making bill payment collection easy and convenient.

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CIBC Merchant Electronic Bill Payments

Receive payments quickly by providing multiple payment options.

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Information and Treasury Management

CIBC Account Reconciliation

An automated service that saves you time reconciling your bank statements.

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CIBC Centralized Cash Control

A service that nets the balances of participating accounts on a daily basis helping you maximize interest earned and reduce borrowing costs.

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CIBC Cheque Imaging

Receive all of your paid cheques imaged on a compact disc (CD) to facilitate easy look-up and storage.

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