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A Successful Retirement Plan

What would you want to do when you retired? If you're Capt. Sid Hynes, you'd acquire a shipping company.

After 35 years in the marine shipping, transportation, and oil and gas sectors, as both sea captain and business man, Capt. Hynes wasn't quite ready for retirement. So in November 2007, he purchased the container shipping company, Oceanex.

Oceanex provides a wide range of shipping services to Newfoundland from anywhere in North America. In a constantly changing industry, Oceanex continues to evolve to ensure their customers' competitiveness, as well as their own.

Running his own shipping company is exactly what Capt. Hynes considers to be a successful retirement plan.

Sears Ranches - Celebrating 100 Years

In 2010, Sears Ranches celebrated 100 years and three generations of business. Starting in 1910 when Harold Sears arrived in Alberta in search of reasonable land prices, to today, where his grandsons currently seed over 20,000 acres to process silage for four feedlots.

For the Sears family, ranching is about more than just cattle - they operate a modern, progressive agricultural operation that is dedicated to ensuring the future viability of the land. Focused on improving grasslands and water maintenance, a partnership project on their Chinook feedlot takes feedlot runoff water and filters it naturally to produce a usable clean water commodity.

CIBC is proud to have been Sears Ranches' financial partner for the 100 years that they have been in business.

Harbour Air Seaplanes - From Hardship to Success

In 1980, Greg McDougall was a corporate pilot who quickly found himself out of a job when the recession hit. That's when McDougall and a fellow out-of-work pilot decided to go into business for themselves. This marked the founding of what has become a storied and successful seaplane enterprise.

Today, Harbour Air's business is booming, with a fleet of more than 30 aircraft, transporting over 500,000 passengers every year. Their 60 pilots shuttle British Columbia commuters on flights between Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Richmond, Langley and the Gulf Islands, and transport tourists into the BC wilderness to view such spectacular sights as grizzly bears, hanging glaciers and orca whales.

Over the past 30 years, Harbour Air has helped change the face of the seaplane transportation industry, through their customer-friendly approach, and commitment to passenger comfort and safety.

Now the largest all-seaplane company in the world, Harbour Air continues to grow.

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