Foreign Exchange Online

The smart, simple and secure way to do your foreign exchange.

CIBC Foreign Exchange Online provides simplicity and convenience right at your fingertips. It is a smart, simple and secure solution that puts you in control of your foreign exchange transactions. No line-ups. No calling and waiting for a rate quote. No more hassles.

Foreign Exchange Online could be for you if you:

  • You must be a business client with accounts at CIBC
  • You must be resident in Canada or the United States
  • You must have a minimum yearly foreign exchange requirement of $50,000 Canadian

Foreign Exchange Online Key Benefits:


  • Obtain real time, competitive exchange rates in over 20 currencies
  • Choose from a range of currency products from spot and swaps to open and fixed dated forward contracts
  • Receive foreign currency wires, convert them online and credit your account
  • Order foreign currency wires, send drafts, and transfer funds between accounts, all in one transaction from your desktop


  • Create templates for recurring payments or settlement instructions
  • Confirm and settle trades online whether booked by telephone or online
  • Receive e-mail alerts of outstanding trades or settlements
  • Create customized reports of your transactions which can be exported to a file for your use


  • Separate trading and settlement users for additional security
  • Set up settlement limits or restrict payment methods for safe delegation of work
  • Easy access to support via e-mail, telephone or online help

Information you need to know:

It's easy to apply

Optional Features Available:

General Inquiries: Tel:(416) 594 3911 Toll free:1 877 224 2239

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