National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation

CIBC has been a proud supporter of the National Aboriginal Achievement Foundation (NAAF) since 1993. NAAF is a non-profit organization that promotes the development and education of Aboriginal peoples, especially youth. Through our association with NAAF, we are proud to be associated with the following initiatives:

The National Aboriginal Achievement Awards

CIBC has been a proud sponsor of the National Aboriginal Achievement Awards since their inception. We are committed to the high values they stand for: building community pride; recognizing excellence; and encouraging role models to stimulate further achievement among Canada's Aboriginal people.

Blueprint for the Future

NAAF sponsors this career fair series that gives Aboriginal students exposure to new career and employment areas. CIBC supports Blueprint for the Future by providing information on career opportunities, competency development, labour market characteristics and special programs to help Aboriginal youth.

Taking Pulse

This broad-based project looks for effective ways to engage the Aboriginal community in Canada's economy and aids in directing youth to explore meaningful career options.