We help you and your family manage the complexities of multi-generational wealth

Working with our clients to help them organize and understand the intricacies of wealth ownership, we develop a plan that is tailored to each individual family, responsive to the needs of each member and reflects the family’s current and future vision.

Experience our multi-faceted approach

In close collaboration with experts from across CIBC, as well as your external advisors, we work with you to provide a bespoke and elevated experience in four key areas:


We have extensive experience in building, customizing and stewarding solutions from across CIBC to meet the needs of your family enterprise. While our Family Office team has numerous administrative and technical responsibilities, above all they seek to nurture a long-term, multi-generational relationship founded on trust.

Personal Financial Management

Whether you need a simple bank account or a complex lending facility, our Private Banking team works closely with you, your family and your external advisors to meet your needs through unique and customized cash management, as well as credit and lending solutions.

Family Enterprise Advisory and Succession Planning

Each family enterprise is its own unique ecosystem, but they all have one common characteristic: the overlap of family, ownership and business issues. Our experts address planning needs that are critical to your family enterprise continuity including business succession, family governance, family legacy, family risk management and strategic philanthropy.

Investment Management

Experience unique access to our institutional due diligence capabilities, customized solutions and expertise in designing appropriately diversified portfolios. We provide objectivity, expertise and significant scale through resourcing best in-class portfolio managers that meet the goals, risk profile and time horizon of your family enterprise.

Meet our Family Office leadership team

Family Enterprise Planning: Lana Robinson

Lana leads the national Family Enterprise Planning team which helps families with multi-generational intent to articulate their vision for their wealth, their families and their communities. She and her team work closely with families and their advisors to implement their vision, devise strategies for intergenerational wealth transfer and help them become effective stewards of their wealth across generations.

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Tax and Estate Planning: Jamie Golombek

Jamie guides family enterprises through the complexities of their tax and estate strategies. He often works with advisors within and outside CIBC to help families achieve their goals.

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Ultra-High New Worth Private Banking: Jonathan Hass

Jonathan and his team work closely with advisors and experts across our CIBC Family Office platform to help our clients build multi-generational plans for navigating the complexities of significant wealth. From white-glove North American banking services to customized investment solutions, complex credit arrangements and specialized planning expertise, his purpose is helping ultra-high net worth families optimize all of their wealth ambitions with peace of mind.

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Philanthropic & Legacy Planning: Kate Lazier

Kate leads our philanthropic and legacy planning capabilities and supports individuals and families to plan thoughtful and impactful charitable gifts. This includes helping them to focus on the causes that matter most to them and to communicate their values to the next generation.

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Investment Management Research: David Wong

David and his team design customized investment solutions and provide institutional-style asset allocation advice for individuals and families.

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Video: Art ownership — avoiding the pitfalls (4:14)

Debbie Pearl-Weinberg, Executive Director, Tax and Estate Planning and other experts discusses important considerations when it comes to art ownership including what to think about when transferring art to a trust.

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Philanthropy — one size doesn’t fit all (3:22)

Hear Kate Lazier, Director of Philanthropy and Legacy Planning and Jamie Golombek, Head of Tax and Estate Planning, discuss strategies for high-net worth giving

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Cybercrime: what you need to know to reduce your risks (2:42)

Joe LoBianco, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Security Officer discusses cyber and fraud attack trends and what you can do to protect yourself and your family enterprise

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