Plan your retirement spending

Reaching retirement is an exciting milestone, and it's natural to have questions about your many options. Ask your professional financial advisor how you can make the most of your money. Your advisor will help you determine how much you need, helping you create your retirement paycheque, and work with you to plan for your next 20 or more years in retirement.

How CIBC Imperial Service helps

Retirement is a journey, not a destination. Planning for it doesn't end when you retire. Your advisor will be with you every step of the way, from exploring your options and building a plan, to transitioning into retirement, to fine-tuning as you go. Your advisor will:

  • Discuss your ideas for retirement and how much money you'll need
  • Help you create a retirement paycheque using your income streams and assets (Government of Canada benefits, pensions, retirement savings, investments and property)
  • Review banking options and ways to reduce taxes to increase your monthly cash flow

Countdown to retirement checklist

  • Talk to your family about your ideas for retirement
  • Review your employee pensions and benefits
  • Consider where you want to live, and why
  • Calculate the best time to collect your CPP/QPP
  • Consider working longer, or part-time employment

Download our free retirement success guide

Good planning is key to a successful retirement. For more information, download our free guide, Charting Your Course to Retirement Success.

Your guide includes:

  • Budgeting for retirement
  • How to build a retirement paycheque
  • Bridging the gap if needed

Chart Your Course to Retirement Success 

Retirement income sources

When you retire, you are likely to receive income from many sources. These include the Canada Pension Plan, Old Age Security, employer pensions, registered retirement plans, and other assets1. Understanding where your income will come from is an essential part of retirement planning.

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Chart illustrates the four main sources of retirement income. Government Retirement Benefits, inlcuding C P P, Q P P, and O A S. Employer pensions. Retirement plans, including R R S P and R R I F and other assets, including T F S A, properties, stock option plans