Are you on track?

You may wonder whether you'll have enough money to retire when you want, the way you want. Your professional financial advisor will help you determine if your retirement plan is on track. Do you want to spend time with family and friends? Travel the world? Some of both? With a solid plan, you'll have more options in retirement, and peace of mind now.

How CIBC Imperial Service helps

Your advisor will help you choose investments, show you ways to manage debt, help you balance other priorities, and suggest ways to reduce taxes. Together you'll create a plan, put it into action, monitor its progress, and adjust when priorities change.

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Understanding how to maximize the after-tax return on investments can help you make better investing decisions to save for retirement. See how our Strategies for Tax Smart Investing guide can help.

Your guide includes:

  • How to balance different financial needs
  • Optimizing your investments
  • Tax considerations

Tax Smart Investing 

Things to consider

  • Take stock of your total net worth. Is it growing?
  • Learn about income splitting strategies
  • Determine what to do with extra cash: pay down debt or save for retirement
  • Take advantage of employer benefits and pension plans
  • Balance saving for retirement with other priorities

The power of compound interest

A regular saving plan combined with the power of compound interest can have a dramatic effect on your retirement savings. With compounding, your contributions generate earnings. Those earnings will generate their own earnings. Here's what can happen if you make a $100 weekly contribution over 10, 15, 20, and 25 years1.

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Chart illustrates the upward growth of $100 weekly contributions made over a 15 year period. Chart shows 74,380 dollars at the ten year mark. 135,281 dollars at fifteen years. 220,697 dollars at twenty years. 340,498 dollars at twenty five years.