Invest in their future

Helping your children pay for their education can mean they can graduate with minimal debt or even debt-free. We can help you build an education plan and put it into action. When you’re ready to have that conversation with your family, we’re here to help.

Decide how much you’ll contribute to your child’s post-secondary education costs, and how much they’ll chip in

Identify the best ways to save for their education

Balance saving for education with your other priorities

Learn about federal and provincial grants

Review student loans, credit cards and money transfer options that are right for your child

Get educated

Deciding where to attend school and what to study is just the beginning. We’re here to help continue the conversation.

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Education costs may vary

The cost of post-secondary education in Canada continues to rise. Some programs charge more than others. 

Read moreabout how post-secondary education costs may vary.

A father helping his son with financial planning on his computer

What’s your payment plan?

From savings and student loans to RESPs, there’s more than one way to pay for school.

Read moreabout your payment plan options.

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Getting smart about budgets

Help your kids learn the basics of budgeting, so they can buy what they need while saving for what they want.

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