A collaborative approach to managing Canadian and international equities

Our Equity Team is comprised of nearly 30 investment professionals who combine their extensive experience and market knowledge to identify profitable investment opportunities. The culture is uniquely dynamic and collaborative.

The team’s independent research process is informed by management meetings, industry analysis and site visits. We also employ long-term industry studies, competitive analysis and an assessment of threats and opportunities to generate independent ideas and conviction.

In 2016, we added our Quantitative Research Team, which built our Active Risk Management System. This dedicated team systematically manages investment strategies by drawing on team experience in investment management, mathematics, statistics and computer science.

Our investment approach is based on a foundation of 3 main areas:

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Our equity capabilities

Our equity capabilities span the globe across various investment styles.

Canadian equity capabilities


  • All cap 
  • Large cap (dividend) core
  • Small cap
  • North American financial services
  • Resources
  • Dividend growth
  • Large cap (dividend) value
  • Large cap growth
  • Income
  • Socially responsible
  • Real estate

U.S. Equity Capabilities


  • Value
  • All cap growth

Global equity capabilities


  • Europe, Australasia and Far East (EAFE®)
  • Global 
  • Asia Pacific
  • Resources
  • Quantitative global low volatility
  • Global equity growth
  • European
  • Emerging markets
  • Science and technology