Asset Allocation

A more thoughtful approach to diversification and enhancing expected returns

Our Multi-Asset and Currency Management Team has managed multi-asset strategies since 2002. We’ve maintained the same broad investment philosophy, but evolved our investment processes to ensure they remain state-of-the-art. Our processes integrate rigorous quantitative models with top-down macroeconomic fundamental judgment and have proven to be robust and diversifying. They have resulted in attractive long-term performance across many different macroeconomic and geopolitical environments, while meeting the challenges of many varieties of market risk.

Our asset allocation strategies range from traditional balanced mandates to sophisticated overlay solutions and standalone absolute return strategies, as well as commodity-indexing strategies.

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Our asset allocation capabilities

Absolute return strategies


Our multi-asset absolute return strategy is a top-down multi-asset macro fund. It targets an attractive, diversifying absolute return, with shorter and shallower capital drawdowns than traditional equity-centric strategies. It encompasses investments in a broad range of assets, using a mix of long- and short-only and long-short positioning. 

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Our active currency strategies seek to provide a capital efficient, diversifying source of return. Learn moreabout currency management.


The equity country allocation portion of our tactical asset allocation strategy is fully portable and can be deployed as a standalone overlay strategy.

Global bonds 

The bond country allocation portion of our tactical asset allocation strategy is fully portable and can be deployed as a standalone overlay strategy.

Traditional balanced mandates

Balanced mandates are offered on a pooled basis or customized on a segregated account basis. The asset mix can be tactically managed or follow pre-determined investment guidelines with automatic rebalancing.

Our global tactical asset allocation strategy aims to improve the risk/return profile of portfolios using lower volatility and competitive performance relative to traditional asset categories. 

Our tactical asset allocation overlay strategy is expected to deliver uncorrelated absolute return that enhances the performance of underlying portfolios.

We offer both a standard passive commodities index strategy and an enhanced index strategy. Combining top-down economic analysis with bottom-up research, we ensure financial and commodity markets are covered from all angles. This allows us to deliver consistent value to our clients' portfolios.

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