Colleen Leung
Senior Manager, Client Strategy

Colleen Leung landed her first role at CIBC as a bank teller while completing an economics degree in university. Fifteen years later, Colleen has progressed through a variety of roles at the bank and is now a senior consultant, client experience in Wealth Management and Commercial Banking.

“I provide a client experience lens to the team, and ensure we're always keeping the clients’ best interests at heart on our marketing initiatives,” Colleen explains. “It's so rewarding to know I’ve done something for our clients that results in positive outcomes.”

Colleen’s passion for client service motivated her to join the steering committee of the CIBC’s Women’s Network, which has allowed her to build her connections within the bank and get insights from others on how to improve the client experience. “I wanted to learn from other women, as I’m always interested in challenging myself and continuously learning. Joining the Women’s Network has helped shape my sense of belonging and made me feel like I'm part of a community. I love having the opportunity to have a voice and create a positive impact for our network and for our team members.”

Colleen acknowledges women still face challenges in the workplace, but she's proud of the focus CIBC has in place to advance inclusion and gender-balanced leadership. “It’s fantastic to have a CEO who's a gender advocate and to be in an organization that's very public about our commitment to promoting inclusion at work,” says Colleen.

“When you feel connected to what you do and work for an organization like CIBC that celebrates diversity, it makes you feel like you belong. Having diverse thoughts, opinions and experiences will only result in better client experiences.”

Colleen is also excited about the future: “I think we’re just getting started and there are so many amazing things we’re going to accomplish.”