Ron Dias

Ron Dias supports the Senior Leadership Team with video content. He works with the leadership team to create two videos a week. He’s responsible for filming, editing and posting the videos on Workday where they’re seen by employees from across the bank. Prior to his role on the Employee Communications and Engagement team, Ron worked in Disputes from 2011 to 2018. Then he moved to the Chat team, where his video creating skills were noticed, which lead him to his current role. Even before his role, Ron was always inquisitive about videography, and his work as a YouTuber allowed him to develop his skills. Among his achievements includes a movie that was sent to Cannes Film Festival in France. The success of this film caught the attention of leadership. Ron chose to stay in the Contact Centre when he found a job he loved. He says, “making videos for CIBC gives me the opportunity to be creative.”

Many people don’t know the breadth of opportunities in the Contact Centre space, with Ron highlighting, “I didn’t know anything like this existed in the Contact Centres!” When asked about his journey to his current role, Ron mentions, “If you’re able to do it and there is a need for it, you can bridge that gap. I was able to create my opportunity.” When asked about the support provided, Ron mentioned, “My senior leadership pushed me and helped get the word out that I was able to do this kind of work. CIBC has provided me all the tools that were needed to do my job. Whatever I needed, they got me.” Ron stayed in his previous role for seven years, and when asked what made him stay so long, he replied, “What made me stay in my previous role as long as I did was the people, the environment I was in. Everyone made you feel like family in the Contact Centre.” As the only videographer in the Contact Centre, and with 4 projects on the go, Ron says he chose to stay with the Contact Centre because he is able to create his own creative path. His one piece of advice is not to get comfortable and to try your best to keep looking for opportunities to improve!