Ju Sie

Ju Sie is part of the National Workforce Team, where her role involves monitoring calls related to business credit card servicing, telephone banking, mortgages, fraud, and more. Ju Sie joined CIBC in 2014 in a Contact Centre role, in what was PC Financial at the time and now is Simplii Financial. She was on the phone for four years before looking for opportunities within the bank. During that time she started planning her long-term career path. She moved from the Inbound team to the Chat team, where she monitored chat and social media. After spending some time in the space, Ju Sie began networking with leaders across the bank to identify the bank’s strategic priorities, seeking to pinpoint where she would fit in. She also worked on her analytical skills, all of which led her to her current role, where she spends a large part of the day monitoring service levels. She makes sure that client calls are answered within a certain expected wait time. Other responsibilities include working with leaders in the Contact Centre to coordinate offline time, scheduling vacations for agents, communicating with leadership and other departments, analyzing data, forecasting call volumes, and looking at metrics that contribute to client experience.

According to Ju Sie, “we are a fun bunch! I’m very blessed to have great leadership, always putting themselves out there for us and being that shield for the team, and I really appreciate that. There’s a lot of bonding on our team, and we are like a small family.” She believes that her success is supported by the Contact Centre because she’s regularly presented with opportunities to learn new things. Ju Sie is always looking to learn as much as she can from those around her. Her one piece of advice is, “be bold, be brave!”