Asbed Sghman 
Senior Analyst

A recent newcomer from Syria, Asbed Sghman arrived in Canada in 2016.

A lover of learning, Sghman is grateful for the opportunity to work in one of Canada’s most iconic and influential banks while continually learning about Canada and CIBC. “Toronto and Canada are like a global village. I like to find ways to give back to the company that allowed me to come to a peaceful country from a country full of war.

“I was a banker in Syria and I hold a Master’s degree,” he adds. “Coming here, my biggest challenge was proving myself and meeting Canadian standards — from writing cover letters and participating in interviews to building my network. But what I really needed was access to an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and abilities.”

The warm, welcoming support Sghman received from the beginning has shaped his mindset. With his confidence restored, and having faced and overcome his fears, Sghman has found the right home away from home. “Being with a banking leader in Canada really enriches your experience,” he says. “The diversity awards CIBC has been honoured with really encouraged me and gave me a good idea of CIBC’s values and allowed me to picture myself at CIBC.”

Whether taking selfies with CIBC CEO, Victor Dodig, helping clients plan for their futures or continuously learning, Sghman has acclimatized to life in his new country.