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A CIBC bank account
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The CIBC Mobile Banking® App
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Here’s how it works
First, sign on with the CIBC Mobile Banking App.
Then select eDeposit.
Then, just:
Step 1
Take a photo
of the front and back of your cheque.
Remember to sign the back first.
Step 2
Enter the amount
of your cheque and select your account.
and receive confirmation. You’re done!
CIBC eDepositTM is an easy way to deposit your personal or business cheques whenever you want, wherever you are, without needing to visit a bank machine or branch.
We are committed to providing you with the highest level of security. None of your financial information is stored on your device and all wireless communications are securely encrypted.
Online Security Guaranteed
Your CIBC Mobile Banking transactions are protected.
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CIBC Earns Mobile Recognition
Proud to be ranked first in mobile banking functionality by Forrester amongst the five largest retail banks in Canada, as outlined in Forrester Research, Inc.’s “2014 Canadian Mobile Banking Functionality Benchmark” report, released in May 2014.
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