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Refinance Your Mortgage with CIBC FirstCaribbean

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CIBC FirstCaribbean has two equity financing solutions which can help you achieve your goals faster – CIBC FirstCaribbean Home Equity Loan and CIBC FirstCaribbean Home Equity Line of Credit.

Explore your options and find the best solution that suits your needs.
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Reasons to refinance or use the equity in your home
  • Get a lower interest rate and a lower monthly payment
  • Consolidate your debt into one lower monthly payment
  • Pay off your mortgage quicker
    • This is often a worthy goal if you can afford to pay higher monthly payments. Replace a 30 year loan term with 15 years and you can be out of debt sooner and ready to enjoy your golden years earlier with financial freedom.
  • Use the equity in your home to obtain additional cash to:
    • Make home improvements, upgrades, or repairs
    • Pay for tuition or your dream vacation
    • Pay for medical bills or unexpected expenses
    • Purchase investments

When refinancing your mortgage, it will certainly save time if you have the following documents available (where applicable).
Document Checklist

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