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Secure your Visa Debit / Credit Card… shopping online just got more secure!
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Peace of Mind, Online.

Shopping online is about convenience. And now, there's a new service that brings you confidence as well as convenience, so that you can enjoy peace of mind while you explore the world of opportunities online.

As part of CIBC FirstCaribbean's commitment to protecting our customers, the Verified by Visa service works to ensure that you alone can use your card online when shopping at participating merchants. Better still, it only takes a moment to register

Registration is Quick, Easy and Free!

To sign up, simply complete this simple 3-step registration process:

  1. Click here to Register Now.
  2. You will be prompted to enter your CIBC FirstCaribbean VISA debit or credit card information as well as answer a few verification questions
  3. Choose and confirm your Verified by Visa password and click "Submit"

By registering now, you'll avoid the need to sign up in the middle of your next purchase, plus - you'll enjoy the added confidence of knowing your purchase is Verified by Visa

Shopping with your Verified by Visa* password is simple!

Once you register, the Verified by Visa process is quite simple. After you have clicked on "checkout" to purchase the items in your cart at a participating merchant site, and given all your billing information:

  1. Your card will automatically be recognised
  2. You'll be asked to enter your Verified by Visa password
  3. Once the password is validated, your purchase will continue
It's that easy! It's that secure!
  • More and more cardholders are taking advantage of all that this FREE service offers, including the ability to view their Verified by Visa transactions online
  • Verified by Visa service from CIBC FirstCaribbean. It's easy. It's free
  • And best of all you can shop with peace of mind, online