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Credit Card Services

Convenience with a Worldwide ATM Network
  • You can get money from any ATM in worldwide networks, 24 hours a day
Emergency Cash Advance
  • You can access an emergency cash advance of up to US$1,000 if you need it
Additional cards for family
  • The benefits you receive with your CIBC FirstCaribbean Credit Card can be shared with your spouse or any adult family member (18 years and older). To apply for additional cards, simply complete the application (370 KB) or visit your local CIBC FirstCaribbean branch
Auto Payment Enrolment
  • Complete the Auto Payment Enrolment Form to have your monthly payment debited automatically from your bank account. Drop off your form at the nearest CIBC FirstCaribbean Branch. - In addition to existing payment options, you can pay off your full current credit Card balance via auto payment. Not yet on Autopay? Sign up today! (186 KB)
Overseas Travel
  • Travelling Soon? Let us know so we can ensure you have access to your cards when you travel.
Will you use your CIBC FirstCaribbean Visa Debit or Credit Card while you are away?

Reduce the possibility of having your card blocked by letting us know before you travel.

How do you let us know? [ ]

Card holders are reminded that notifying our Customer Care Centres prior to travel is crucial to avoiding Debit or Credit card accounts being blocked as a precaution against unauthorized use, as the bank will have enough information to decide whether or not it is likely fraudulent transactions are being done against the customerís account, based on where the card is being used and when.

It's easy and simple for you to inform us of your travel plans:

1. Call our Customer Care Centre and let us know at least 3 days before you travel.


2. Use our Online Banking service 3 days before you travel to send a message to let us know. We'll do the rest.

How it works online

After logging on to Online Banking:

  • Select Mailbox
  • Select Compose
  • Populate the Subject field with - 'Travel Notice - Your Name'
  • Include the following in the body of the email
    • Start date (mm/dd/yyyy) - the start date is the day of your initial departure date
    • Stop date (mm/dd/yyyy) - the stop date is the day of your return date
    • Destination - the destination is where you are likely to use your Visa Debit or Credit Card
    • Card Number - card number is your Visa Debit or Credit Card number

Remember - let us know at least 3 days before you travel so we can place the necessary notes on your card account!

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

With its enhanced automated Customer Service capabilities, our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System allows you to easily conduct the following via telephone:

You can [ ]

  • Activate your credit card
  • Select a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Change your Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Get account details, transaction history and more...

Call us to access any of these services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Online Banking Features

Enjoy the convenience of 24 hour access to your credit card information!
Along with paying your credit card bills online, you now have access to... [ ]

  • Account Details - Check your Credit Card Account Details
  • Credit Card Transactions - Keep an eye on recent transactions
  • Credit Card Statements - Review and download your Credit Card Statements for the last 6 months
  • Payments** - Instantly see payments made via Online Banking and view real-time available balances on your account.
  • Don't have Online Banking? Register today!
Payment Due Date
  • Your Payment Due Date will be set at 25 days from your statement generation date with added flexibility to accommodate non-business days such as public holidays and weekends. You can request a change to your monthly statement generation date by applying to us in writing

Rewards Points

  • Rewards Points are now available on your Visa credit card statement*

*Applicable to credit card products enrolled in the CIBC FirstCaribbean Rewards and Visa Platinum Rewards programmes.

Credit Card Security Insurance

CIBC FirstCaribbean Credit Card Security Insurance (CCSI) is an insurance policy secured by CIBC FirstCaribbean International Bank from Sagicor Life Inc. and its subsidiaries to provide insurance coverage to CIBC FirstCaribbean personal credit cardholders.

  • CCSI pays the outstanding credit card balance up to US$25,000 (unpaid principal and accrued interest) to the bank in the event of death, critical illness or accidental dismemberment of the cardholder(s) insured. CCSI covers the primary cardholder and up to 1 joint cardholder on the account.

Benefits of CCSI: [ ]

  • Peace of mind for the customer and their dependents (knowing that should the worst happen they are prepared to handle it)
  • Helps relieve family of financial and emotional burden during a time of emotional and physical distress (in the event that the insured dies)
  • One less bill that the customer has to pay (in the event of critical illness/accidental dismemberment)

Cost of CCSI: [ ]

  • Coverage for up to two persons only costs the cardholder $0.46 for every $100 of outstanding balance or part thereof.
  • The premium is calculated on the account balance at the statement printing date.
  • Coverage is up to US$25,000 and this amount will be the maximum balance on which premiums will be charged