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Community and Environment

  • Hurricane Relief

CIBC FirstCaribbean continues to make disaster relief the top priority on our corporate social responsibility agenda, particularly in light of the devastation wrought by hurricanes throughout the region since 2004. These left an indelible mark on hundreds of Caribbean communities. We can think of no better way to fulfill our responsibility to our Caribbean communities who so desperately need to return to a normal way of life following a trying hurricane season or other calamitous event.

  • Seacology MOU

Through a partnership with Seacology, the only Non -Governmental Organisation (NGO) in the world whose sole focus is on preserving island ecosystems, CIBC FirstCaribbean has already assisted the islands of Grenada, St. Kitts and San Salvador in the Bahamas in preserving their ecosystems and wildlife by protecting critical mangrove forests, nesting beaches of sea turtles and endangered iguanas in these three countries.
Under the MOU, the San Salvador Iguana Conservation Centre was opened at the Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador Island in the southern Bahamas, with assistance from CIBC FirstCaribbean. The Centre breeds and raises the local iguanas until they are large enough to be safely released in selected areas around the island. In St. Kitts, funding has gone towards preservation of the nesting sites for the endangered species of sea turtles as part of a collaborative effort between NGOs and government agencies. In Grenada, the project has also supported efforts to protect the mangroves which provide critical habitat and erosion protection for over three miles of coastline.

  • Environmental Art Installation

During July 2014, together with our partners, The Future Centre Trust, CIBC FirstCaribbean initiated a project that saw the transformation of the large retaining wall near the Baobab Tower located at Warrens in Barbados into an environmental education mural, made up entirely of tiles.
This very high profile art installation completely changed the look of the Warrens area. The mural is a colourful, 4500 sq ft mosaic covering the wall in front of CIBC FirstCaribbean, running down to the baobab tree.... starting at the gate beside the Michael Mansoor Building. The mural is designed not only to beautify the area and become a tourist attraction, but to be an attraction for school children across Barbados.
It contains valuable information about preserving the environment and the unique considerations of those living in small island states such as Barbados.

Environmental Art Installation

The Future Centre Trust is a charitable Non Governmental Organisation which focuses on the environment of Barbados and its resources and methods by which the community can take a greater role in conserving and preserving these resources for now and future generations. Click here to learn more about their amazing projects.