Transcript: We are Canada

[Small pictures of Canada and Canadians come together to form a maple leaf.]

In Canada’s 150th year, we set out on a mission to find out what it means to be a Canadian. So we asked you to tell us, Canada. And from coast to coast to coast – you replied.

[The words “I stand for” appear in the middle of the maple leaf.]

You told us that it’s more about the journey than the destination.

[Photos of people enjoying Canadian landscapes.]

And what you find along the way.

[Photos of Canadians uniting together.]

How you care about one another.

[Photos of Canadians accomplishing goals, a painting, a little girl making a snow angel, and a shot of a woman enjoying a sunset.]

That you’re a nation of dreamers. 

[Photo of people holding the Canadian flag.]

About your big moments.

[Photo of kids helping each other and family of geese.]

And your small ones. 

[Photos of families.]

You shared with us the people that matter to you most. But best of all. 

[Photos of people showing their Canadian pride.]

How you’re proud.

[Photo of Parliament Hill, and country landscapes.]

From every corner of our nation. Of this amazing country we call home. 

[The same maple leaf made up of pictures appears again.]

It takes all of us to make a nation. We stand for you, Canada. 

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