Transcript: Unlimited is better

[Music plays in the background.]

[CIBC logo. Bringing advice to your campus.]

[Students are interviewed by an off-camera interviewer. They answer the questions that introduce each segment.]

[How much do you pay on monthly banking fees?]

>> Student 1: Every month? Maybe $10.

>> Student 2: The one month, at least 90 bucks, I know for sure.

>> Student 3: Way too much. I pay way too much in fees.

>> Student 4: OK, I pay $20 a month.

[What are your limits?]

>> Student 5: I have 20 transactions or something like that. After 20 I have to pay half a dollar every transaction.

>> Student 6: I think I have to have a certain amount of money in the account to not have a fee.

>> Student 7: So I can have up to 20 transactions per month.

[What if we told you CIBC’s student account has unlimited transactions and no monthly fee?]

>> Student 1: That’s better than what I have now. Yeah.

>> Student 3: That’s great.

>> Student 4: That’s awesome.

>> Student 8: That’s pretty helpful. That’d be really good actually.

>> Student 5: Yeah, that’d be actually good.

[Unlimited is “Great”. “Awesome!” “Better!” It’s that simple.]

>> Interviewer: You have unlimited transactions right now?

>> Student 9: Yeah, because I’m a student.

>> Interviewer off camera asks: And no bank fees?

>> Student 9: No fees.

>> Interviewer: Where do you bank, man?

>> Student 9: CIBC.

>> Interviewer: There you go.