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Canada’s Best Managed Companies

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Dino Medves (Senior Vice President, CIBC Commercial Banking, Ontario): Once you're a member, and if you achieved the status of best managed company, you're able to join a wonderful network of firms where you can make great contacts, learn about what other great firms are doing and how you can apply that within your business. There are opportunities also to do a significant amount of business with other best managed companies that may be in your field and be related to what you do. And it's also a great sense of pride and source of morale for the employees knowing that they're associated with one of Canada's best managed firms.

Jim Ostertag (Managing Principal, Solvera Solutions, Winner since 2011): The best managed designation has got very positive brand image and so what we did is we said, particularly as we are expanding geographically, we took a look and said, we aren’t very well known in Alberta for example or Manitoba, so you know having that designation in our marketing materials or even in conversation really helped us even get in the door and establish some instant credibility with our company.

Richard Rousseau (Vice President, D.L.G.L., Winner since 1999):

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We have used the Best Managed Companies trademark in several ways at D.L.G.L. For starters, the Best Managed Companies logo is featured on all our marketing documentation, stationery, business cards and on our kiosk at industry trade shows. The logo is also featured on our website. Our extensive use of the trademark has been beneficial. Don't forget that we are an SME from Quebec but our market is international; we compete with SAP, Oracle, Workday. Unlike D.L.G.L., these large companies have powerful marketing programs. But with the Best Managed Companies logo, barriers come down, particularly when prospects and even clients think, okay, it's a small company. How is it managed? With the logo visible, that question is eliminated.

Robert Lashin (CEO and President, Houle Electric Limited, Winner since 2012): I can tell you it is a great marketing tool. People, companies love to deal with people that are professional and run their companies properly. So we use it on our business cards. We use it on our… associated with our logo. It is on our website. We market it a lot and we find that there are a lot of companies that if they are not sure what Houle Electric does, that they once they see that 50 best designation as a properly managed company, one of the best in Canada, they feel very comfortable on approaching us and seeing if they can work with us. So it goes over a lot of hurdles that we would initially have to overcome before we got confidence with the company to work with them.

Kris Tierney (Chief People Officer, Questrade Inc., Winner since 2011): It's expanded our network within the private sector in Canada, in particular with our coaches through CIBC and through Deloitte, and so it’s opened us up to a whole new network of organizations, of businesses, of strategies that we’ve been able to leverage from.