Transcript — A conversation with Sabine Veit Founder and CEO, Bäckerhaus Veit:

Standing Out from the Competition

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[A conversation with Sabine Veit, Founder and CEO, Bäckerhaus Veit.]

[Standing Out From The Competition.]

[James Logan and Sabine Veit are seated with rows of loaves of bread behind them.]

James Logan: Hello, my name is James Logan. I'm the Regional Vice President for the Province of Ontario at CIBC Commercial Banking.

It's my great pleasure to be here today with Sabine Veit, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Bäckerhaus Veit.

[James Logan, Regional Vice President, CIBC Commercial Banking]

Sabine, it's a world of extreme competition. In your category, you've faced many small, regional, and national competitors, but Bäckerhaus has done an outstanding job of standing out from those competitors.

What tips could you offer other business owners who are facing similar problems?

[Sabine Viet is speaking directly to the camera.]

>> Sabine Veit: Well,

[Sabine Veit, Founder and CEO, Bäckerhaus Veit]

competitive landscape is distracting and unnerving.

And we've had to learn to really respond to the right challenges that come at us in consultation with our customers and our team and what we know about the category we are in.

It's really essential to know what to respond to. I find sometimes there's sort of, the competition, what you see out there, who is doing what, who's got money to do what is really hard.

And it's important to stick to your core values and principles and sometimes you have to make hard choices because of it.

But be consistent, be pragmatic, it is crucial for survival, I think that's my learning for 30 years of making great bread.

[James Logan is speaking directly to the camera.]

>> James: That's great advice.

[James Logan and Sabine Veit are seated with rows of loaves of bread behind them.]

Sabine Veit, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Bäckerhaus Veit.

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