Transcript: Scott on: CIBC Mortgage Advisors

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[Expert advice with Scott McGillivray. CIBC logo. Scott on: CIBC Mortgage Advisors.]

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Scott McGillivray: Whether you’re becoming a homeowner or you’re becoming a real estate investor, there are certain relationships that you're going to have to develop. And the first one is probably with the mortgage advisor. Your mortgage advisor is going to be the key person when it comes to all your financing options. And they’re going to be able to help you make the right decisions for your situation, because everybody is different, right? Whether you're a single individual, you’re a couple, you’re an investor, you need a mortgage product that’s working with your goals. So speaking to a mortgage advisor is probably the most brilliant thing you can do. And the beauty is they’re free. You can talk to a mortgage advisor and you don’t get a bill for it. It’s their job to make sure you’re getting into the right mortgage, the right financing option. And once you develop that relationship, you’re off to the races.

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