Transcript: Scott on: CIBC Home Power Plan

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[Expert advice with Scott McGillivray. CIBC logo. Scott on: CIBC Home Power Plan.]

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Scott McGillivray: There are many different mortgage products available out there and you definitely have to pick the one that suits you best. But something that I really like is CIBC's Home Power Plan. And the reason is, it's not only a mortgage, it's also a line of credit. So it gives me some flexibility. I mean, you look at a property and you're talking about maybe unexpected expenses: you've got to repair a roof. But also the idea of doing upgrades to a place over time. Well, with the CIBC Home Power Plan, you've got the mortgage. It's being paid down. But as you pay down that mortgage you're also building up an available line of credit. The beauty is you never pay interest until you use that line of credit, so it's there for you whether you need emergencies, whether want to do upgrades. It's built-in brilliance.

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