Transcript: Paying for school

[Music plays in the background.]

[CIBC logo. Bringing advice to your campus. Need money for school?]

[Students are interviewed by an off-camera interviewer. They answer the questions.]

>> Interviewer: When was the last time you visited the financial aid office? Do you know where that is?

>> Student 1: No.

>> Interviewer: No? You ever been, or used the financial aid office? Probably?

>> Student 2: No.

>> Student 3: No idea.

>> Student 4: Nope.

>> Student 2: Hmm.

>> Student 5: No, I'm sorry.

>> Student 6: Hmm.

>> Student 2: Near the book store.

>> Interviewer: But never been there yourself?

>> Student 2: No, never been in person.

>> Student 7: Actually, I'm not sure.

>> Student 8: No idea.

[Do you know what they can do for you?]

>> Student 9: They can give you a whole list of all the different scholarships that you can apply for, and bursaries. And how to do that — if there's an essay or a statement that you need to write. They tell you all that stuff, and they're really quite helpful.

[Understand the options you have to pay for school: Savings, scholarships, bursaries, student loans, education line of credit.]

>> Interviewer: Actually, just to help you out: The financial aid office is actually just right over here.

>> Student 8: Oh, no way [laughs]. That's ironic.

>> Interviewer: Good timing, eh?

>> Student 8: Alright.

[Visit the CIBC Student Hub. CIBC logo.]

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